Matt Barkley’s stock has taken a hit with less then stellar play and a season ending injury.  Geno Smith has looked great at times but not #1 overall pick great, at least not in the mind of the experts.  This week Mel Kiper went as far as to say that he believes Smith and Barkley are second round talents.  Over the last couple seasons have seen rookie QBs be productive fantasy football players more than every before.  Cam Newton, RGIII, and Andrew Luck have produced in a way that few rookie quarterbacks have in the past.  There may not be that kind of talent in the 2013 draft.

VIEWS points out that 12 of the last 15 first overall picks have been QBs.  They agree that this year could be an exception and list some players that could before the first QB. has Geno Smith going first overall to the Chiefs and Matt Barkley third overall to the Eagles in their latest mock.

One of our favorite draft sites (along with Drafttek.comhas Matt Barkley lasting into the second round and being scooped up by the lowly Jaguars.


We are draft junkies here at FFSpin and we’ll be paying close attention to the 2013 NFL combine and all of the pro days, news, and buzz leading up to the 2013 NFL draft.  Geno Smith and Matt Barkley will probably be first round picks and our bet is that at least one, probably both, end up going in the top 12.  We’ve seen the draft stock of QBs rocket up as the draft drew closer every year in the recent past.  Signal callers are the most valuable commodity in the league and there are several teams drafting high that will almost have to invest a pick in hopes of landing a franchise QB.  Can you picture the Chiefs and Jaguars passing on one of these two QBs if they have successful pro days and/or combine performances?

The Jets, Bills, Eagles, and Raiders could also be in the market for first round QB.  We don’t expect anything like the 2012 NFL draft class out of the 2013 iteration.  It’s worth noting that Michael Lombardi on Daily News Live on CSN Philly tonight said that he believes the Eagles will renegotiate with Michael Vick to keep him around in the event that the next head coach favors him over Nick Foles.   The rest of the season will tell a lot about whether or not the Eagles need to draft a QB in the first round.

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