Andy Reid acknowledged that the Eagles may have overused their star RB last season.  McCoy tallied 321 touches over 15 games while backup Deion Lewis only managed to accumulate 23 rushes and 1 reception.  The Eagles added Bryce Brown in the draft and Chris Polk as an undrafted free agent to compete for roster spots.


McCoy owners shouldn’t place too much stock in this announcement from Andy Reid.  Saying that McCoy will get more rest and actually taking him off the field in the heat of competition are two different things.  Chris Polk could have been a 3rd round pick if it weren’t for rumors of a serious shoulder situation and apparently false rumors of degenerative hip disorder.  The Eagles may have lucked out landing him.  We don’t think Bryce Brown will make the active roster.  He has character issues and wasn’t able to handle the pressure or workload in college, so we can’t place a lot of faith in him on the pro level.

McCoy may see one to three fewer touches in some games, but he’s still a top five fantasy running back in our estimation.  He’s going to have weeks where he explodes and he very rarely disappears in games.  We can see Chris Polk making an impact, however, and that could manifest in the Eagles having a more balanced offense.  Michael Vick showed less consistency and made a lot more poor decisions with the ball than he had in 2010.  The Eagles ran the ball well and  have a ridiculously unbalanced offense under Andy Reid, we could see more balance finally, but still pass heavy.

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