The first most of us heard of the possibility of Mario Manningham departing the Super Bowl champions to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was when Clark Judge reported on the story.  The Bucs do need a vertical threat and Manningham reportedly wants to play in warmer weather and likes the idea of following Mike Sullivan, who left New York where he was the QB coach to accept a the offensive coordinator position in Tampa Bay.


The Pewter Plank, a Buccaneer-centric website, makes a really a good point when they say Manningham is not as good a match for the Bucs as he may seem at first glance. Joe Soriano writes that Robert Meachem may come at a similar or better price and be a more productive option.


The Buccaneers may end up over paying for Manningham.  Josh Freeman and Mike Williams need help.  Neither play progressed they way they should have and that was due, at least in part, to a lack of dynamic offensive weapons.  Manningham can stretch the field and running deep routes is what he does.  in 2011, 45% of the routes he ran were “deep”.  Manningham, however, has been mistake prone and isn’t known as a great route runner.   Manningham would clearly be an upgrade to what they currently have.  The Buccaneers have a ton of cap space, however, and they can afford better receivers than Manningham as their WR#2.

Manningham would help Mike Williams and Josh Freeman, but he won’t help enough to make Freeman a QB#1 or Williams a fantasy WR#1.

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