in the Fantasy Football Crystal Ball Accuracy Challenge. impressed in the opening week by squeaking out a win over newbie and a powerhouse from last season who tied for second place in the wide receiver category.

WR was the most difficult category to pick accurately this week and that’s no surprise.  Week one is brutal when it come to receivers who rely on so many unknowns from defensive strength to QB quality and with less time than usual to develop rapport and timing it was tougher than ever to make WR start/sit predictions.  ESPN,, and Rotoworld. 

We are going to have a lot more data to share starting next week including pointing out the percentage of hits and misses in some cases and loads or really useful fantasy data.  For instance, we will be point out the biggest movers in rankings not just from week to week but day by day so that you can see how your players are trending.  We will be pointing out where the value lies.  As an example we can tell you the players consistently rated below market value who are prime trader targets and guys the market overvalues.  This is the kind of cool stuff you can do when you have more data than anyone else!

This year we will have a points race at each position and we will unveil the race and the nifty graphics next week, this week’s leaders clearly has an advantage with the points earned as the best of the best in the WR category in Week 1.

We’ll post all of the other positions tonight and let the suspens build until we reveal the overall winner for the first week of the season tomorrow.  Look for it on

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