The actual reason is that they each failed a third drug test; which is really, really stupid.  Just another example of what the Redskins have become – one of the worst organizations in the NFL (not Bengal bad, but bad).


With Chris Cooley out for the season with injury and Fred Davis now out for being unable to control his need for some smokey, the starting TE will be Logan Paulsen.  This should mean more targets for Sanatan Moss and Jabar Gaffney since Paulsen is more of a blocker than a pass catcher.  Long term, this will hurt Fred Davis in the pocket.  He is slated to become an unrestricted free agent and he has really screwed himself here because teams are not going to be anxious to spend big money on a guy, regardless of the fact that he is extremely talented, who is one more failed test away from being suspended for a year.  Being a moron has made it easier for the Redskins to keep him.

Trent Williams is developing into a very good LT, but he just can’t get a full season in.  Injuries have shortened all of his previous seasons as a pro and now that he has managed to stay healthy he goes and gets himself suspended.  What a dope.  This may hurt the up and coming Roy Helu a little bit.

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